The White Glove Test

girl cleaning
This is me looking very serious. (About 20 years ago!)

I’ve worked as a professional cleaner now for over 20 years. Wow it feels really crazy to say that. 20 years is an incredibly long time and I’ve had a lot of fun in that time. I’ve worked everywhere from 5 star hotels to small studio apartments and everything in between. I’ve done major post construction cleanings, and sprawling office blocks.

I have to say it’s really been a blast. I still remember my very first job and I’ll never be able to forget my first supervisor.

We were working as part of a full-time team of housekeepers for a multi-billionaire. We worked very hard as you can imagine and the standards we were expected to clean to were incredibly high.

Our supervisor was incredibly strict and used to perform something called the white-glove test.

mop and bucket

It went something like this. After we had finished cleaning a room she would run around and wipe her glove over all of the surfaces. If any dust or dirt showed up on the glove we would be forced to clean the entire room again.

If you were the person responsible for the team failing the test, then you also got a warning. And if it happened again you were fired. A lot of girls simply didn’t make the cut, but for those of us willing to work and learn as much as we could, we were very richly rewarded. It’s that trial by fire that has turned me into the expert cleaner that I am today. Whenever I think back I am always very thankful for that opportunity I was given and I have very fond memories of my time working there.

After watching countless white glove tests, I started to notice the same areas being tested over and over again. These were the areas that were most commonly missed.

I’ve complied a short list of each area, so that you can watch for them in your home too. They really give your home the look of being extra clean, when you tackle them.

1) The Top Of Your Refrigerator As you can imagine, this is an area which catches a lot of dust. However just like most areas in the kitchen, it also tends to catch a lot of grease that splashes from the frying pan. When they mix together their gooey mess causes even more dust to stick to it and it’s pretty disgusting. This area needs to be cleaned regularly or you are going to have a disaster on your hands.

2) Door Frames – The top part of a door frame is very rarely cleaned for one major reason. It’s very rarely (if ever) seen by anyone! However as we learned many years ago, just because you can’t see it, that does not mean you shouldn’t clean it. That is just laziness and if a job is worth doing then it’s also worth doing right. (That’s something that I live by).

While you are at it make sure you tackle the sides of the door frames as well. The area between the outside of the frame and the wall is an area often overlooked.

This also goes for things like pictures frames, fire alarms, wall mounted clocks etc. Anything that has a top surface that is out of view, will collect huge amounts of dust.

3) Rear Part Of Your Taps – The chrome at the front can be all polished and shining beautifully, but if the back part isn’t just as clean then you have failed in my estimations. Again it goes back to cleaning even what can’t be seen. If you truly take pride in your work this is something you must incorporate into your mindset while cleaning. Get rid of that mess!

4) Under And Behind Your Appliances Again as you have guessed, we are talking about an area that people don’t usually see! The backside of your appliances like toasters and coffee makers etc. can get surprisingly dirty and dusty for much the same reasons the top of your refrigerator does; grease.

So give them a rub every so often. This will also help keep them working for longer so that you don’t need to replace them every few years. Also a lot of dust can gather under these appliances which can be quite dangerous as you are preparing food on your kitchen countertops, mere inches away from dirt, dust and bacteria! So get underneath those machines and make sure the countertops are spotless every single time!

Now this is a very picky list and for sure some of you may see this as overkill. But for me cleaning and keeping my home clean is a matter of pride. If you don’t take pride in what you do then it will show through. Don’t be one of “those people”.

Choose something and try to be great at it.

And if you really are just too lazy to clean these areas yourself then it’s best to call in the big guns: Cleaners Dublin